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Most MLM compensation plans are some what complicated and it is not easy to explain to a prospect that is new to MLM how they work. In this RCCv1 , I will discuss how simple the RCCv1 compensation plan really is and why you should get in as soon as possible.


First off, let me tell you about RCCv1. RCCv1 is a new 2×3 into a 2×2 splitting board reverse matrix.This program was developed with the help of two top network marketing leaders. Basically, it is the simplest way to make lots of money online, from the comfort of your home.


Essentially, there is a four step process:


1) Refer 2 people

2) Get your 2 referrals to refer 2

3) Get off the 2×3

4) Get your 2 referrals off the 2×3



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success libraryHere’s How it works. You sign up under your sponsor. Pay the $315.oo. $300 goes to RCCv1, the $15 is a payment processing fee. That’s all that you will pay. There are no recurring monthly fees with RCCv1. What you get for the $300 is a couple of pieces of software that will scrape skype contacts for you and allow you to send broadcast Skype messages. You also get access to the RCCv1”Success Library” where there are several hundred books for you to download. These books are written by some of the top authors in the fields of self help, motivation and business. Both ebook and audio book formats are available. Screen shot at left. This alone is worth the start up cost.


Okay, so once you’ve started RCCv1, you will have a green rocket on the 8 line of a 2×3 board. This is where everyone starts. Here’s a quick explanation of the rocket colors:


Red Rocket = has 2 referrals, qualified

Blue Rocket = has 1 referral, not yet qualified

Green Rocket = has no referrals, not yet qualified

Gray Rocket = are vacant spots                                            


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So, on the 2×3 board below, there are 5 vacant spots in RCCv1 that need to be filled before the board breaks. These spots may be filled by anyone on the board, everyone on the board works toward filling the board and creating a break.


The four green rockets on the 4 line have not yet referred anyone. This will be bad for them because, when this board breaks, the red rocket on the 8 line will actually “jump” the green rockets above them, thus getting to the top in a much shorter period of time. As you can see in RCCv1, it is in every board members best interest to keep the board active and moving.  The red rocket at the top on the payline has been paid $300. So this is where you will make back your initial investment. This red rocket also receives an E-Pin. This is essentially a free voucher to create another green rocket on the 8 line of another 2×3 board in RCCv1.


This cycle will keep repeating. and in the process you will have many positions on different boards earning you a great deal of money repeatedly. RCCv1 pays out 94% of all revenue to it’s affiliates!!! In the first 120 days, over $1.5 million was paid out!! This is an amazing amount!!


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